Vladan Radoman

Published on 16:25, 02/19,2009

When Zorica suggested that I should support her idea of this Book Drive, I was a bit surprised.

What is the use in "Giving Words" in the country where one third of its population is half literate, one quarter completely illiterate and the rest of the people read only the books written by the writers who are "in.?"Zorica is the one of the most productive modern poetesses of her "middle-aged generation." How can one ripen, fruitful cherry, or apple tree be middle-aged? In the arts time cannot be measured by some ordinary notion of "age." The spring time of a poet is as infinite as a word in his/her poem. To be a poet in the time of the political and economic uncertainty is madness.

I salute Zorica and I join all of those who believe that the success is ahead of her. Thanks to Zorica’s idea for this book drive Darujmo Rec, Anna Karenina will "ride in" some remote village’s classroom, Guy de Maupassant will "dock" his boat "Bel ami" in the arbor on the Danube river and the young shepherds will read the books while tending sheep in the meadows.
English translation by Jelena Pavlović

Danijela on Zorica's poetry

Published on 12:16, 11/25,2008

On Zorica Sentić's poetry


The keyturn off the silence is the key for happiness.
It actuates and inspires the thought in a new way. Reading verses we turn off the twilight space and senses pass into music completely.

For feelings woven, forefathers, warm words, for connectedness among people, dragon-lady Zo writes, paints, creates. She opens the door for delightis, she is the owner of warm colors. 

Meeting her in one Dominical October I told myself as well as the others, Zo has an energy of a dragon! In her own word she speaks what she thinks bestows words not only by action but by the reason why you will love Zo just as well as her verses.

Danijela Glišić





Offrons le mot - Let Us Offer the Word

Published on 00:15, 11/25,2008

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