Serbian Pedagogues Support Darujmo Rec Drive (Let’s give the word)

Published on 02/01,2010

Cultural and the pedagogical drive established by the author, Mrs. Zorica Sentic of Canes, France, Darujmo Rec REC, has had a complex effect on the rising quality of school education around the country side of Serbia. 

Having observed overall cultural and pedagogical value of this huge effort on the part of Mrs Sentic, the panel presiding the Serbian Pedagogical Movement and it’s president, assistant professor Dr.Margit Savovic decided to give a prestigious annual Vasa Pelagic award, for the outstanding philanthropic achievements in the field of education, The Philanthropist of the Year 2009 to Mrs. Sentic.

The Serbian Pedagogical Movement, as an organizer of the traditional gatherings" Dositejevi uciteljski susreti"( The Teachers’ summit of Dositej Obradovic), "Vukov pedagoski sabor "(Vuk’s pedagogical summit) and "Pelagicev pedagoski sabor" (Pelagic’s pedagogical summit) decided to promote philanthropic work aimed towards improvement and enrichment of the quality of education throughout the country side. We are fully supporting Mrs. Zorica Sentic’s mission and her endeavor to promote the beliefs in the humanitarian principles. And as Dositej Obradovic remarked: " The books, my brothers....The books this precious and priceless heavenly gift, the daughters of the enlightened minds, they are the worriers and the victors!"

We, the pedagogues who try to revitalize and modernize education in the country side, wish Mrs. Sentic who lives for the books through her literary work , much success and may she have an army of supporters and collaborators. The signatory of this text suggests a suitable title " His Majesty - the Peasant" as it was published in the daily papers Politika Ekpres in Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade, January 30,2010.



              Professor, Dr. Drago T. Pantić

the president of the Pedagogical Movement of Serbia

Belgrade, 154 Omladinskih Brigada Street

phone: (063) 843-2280


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