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Published on 12/14,2009




Under the slogan "... so that every village in Serbia gets its own library ...", a cause “Let us offer the word”, started in 2006 at the Book Fair in Belgrade. Thanks to the Ministry for Diaspora, a small portion of space in their booth was provided for  this idea to be presented to the public. At that moment, the idea was still in its infancy, but Zorica Sentić who gave birth to a cause, organized and launched it with a friend Vesna Denčić, managed to draw interest of the general public in just a few days. In a short time, a large quantities of books began to arrive from abroad. A large quantity of books were collected and donated after the Book Fair to Vuk Karadžić elementary school in Levosoje near Bujanovac (south of Serbia), a village of Zorica’s origin.


Today, there are one hundred members to the cause and the number is constantly growing. Among the members of the team, there are prominent people from the world of literature and culture, both from Serbia and from the Diaspora.


The cause is based solely on the goodwill of team members, the cause does not bring financial returns. But there is a cost. That is why we need the help of people of good will, those people who can understand this idea and to accept the fact that we do not have or accept money.


And there are so much needs.


First of all a suitable working space for the books to be accepted, catalogued, prepared to be sent to our villages. We need at least one personal computer, telephone line, basic office supplies. Books should be transported to rural schools. There is necessity for a vehicle for realization of this part of the job and everything else, without which the cause can not succeed. One way to realize this idea is through private or state sponsorship.




tel. (+) 381 / (0)64 07 48 990





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